Riding in the Snow :-)

For those of you that have not ridden a mountain bike in the snow, don’t! :-) Just kidding… it can be a lot of fun and work!!!

Coach Al and I got out today for a last min ride down at Bluff. This past Sunday we got our first real snow storm of the winter. Up by me we got over 10″ of the nice white stuff, but down on the shore it was more like 6″ at best. We decided to go with the 6″. With winds up around 60 mph and a windchill of below zero it would be an epic ride for sure!

I have ridden a bit in snow (a few years ago) but this was going to be Coach’s frist ride. We bundled up and headed off. We quickly realized that the soft power we had up north was much more packed down on the wind blown shore. This made for some very slow going!!

I was riding my 29er single speed and Al was on his 26er geared bike. The larger tires seemed to help once I got going and could maintain my momentum. However unable to shift to an ez gear made any uphill grade a “hike a bike”. I think riding up Mt Washington was an easier ride :-o !

Overall it was a great ride and we saw a great sunset to boot!

I will post some video later….

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