Cold weather riding…

After a fun weekend up north, my plan was to get together with Coach Al for our weekly Bluff mtb ride. However with 24+ inches of fresh snow and 15 degree weather I decided not to drive an hour each way to see how the riding was. Al did go and got in a tough snow ride (crazy man!)

I decided later in the day after it warmed up to 18 degrees to break in the new Nokin studded tires Lee hooked me up with at Central Wheel. They say to ride on the road for a bit to allow the tires to heat cycle for the studs to have the best life. So all suited up out I went. Adding 8 speeds to the single speed was the best thing I could have done to the 29er  for winter riding. I enjoyed a nice and hard 1.5 hour ride on the roads around Marlborough and Hebron. A good workout on the 29er with the 2.1 studded tires!! I did feel the work I had done on Saturday with my attempt to skate ski!!

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