There is nothing like the real thing!!

As a mulitsport athlete, it is way too easy to become a slave to indoor training during the cold winter months… Week in and week out I do my strength training and my hard computrainer workouts, however, I always try to get outside and have some fun…

This past weekend was great in a number of ways! First, I turned 46 years old :-)

Saturday, I got in a very tough computrainer ride, and it felt great as I nailed all the threshold efforts and felt I still had a little more I could have pushed.

Sunday, Coach Al and I met up with a long time friend of Al’s, Mark Gunsalus, for an epic (for Al and me) mountain bike ride. We headed up to Mass to check out Mark’s little winter training loop of 22 miles. It is a local snowmobile club’s private trail system, and well groomed and maintained. With temps around 18 degrees we met up with Mark and a few of his buddies. What a great ride, very tough, with 3000′ of climbing and all on snowpack!! It was a great day!

Today (my actual birthday) I meet up with my good friend, Lee Perkins, to get in a little skate skiing at Winding Trails. When we first started out I did feel Saturday and Sunday’s efforts, but soon after I warmed up I felt great and finished with 3+ hours of skate skiing!!

So what is my point… well, Sunday’s ride as well as today’s skiing pushed me and my fitness above anything I could have done on a trainer or treadmill in the dead of winter. It was outside, which required both balance and strength activation and best of all, it was with great friends!!

So get outside and enjoy life a little folks!!

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  1. Al says:

    What a ride on Sunday Tim! Yikes! Out of our comfort zone, or what! Mark, Eric, and Charlie rocked! And they were really patient in waiting for me, don’t ya think? :)

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