A Very full weekend!

Not many folks are lucky enough to be able to enjoy all that I do! This past weekend was a great example of that!

Friday night was spent in my garage :-) . Jumping between rebuilding the car trailer and the continued rebuild of the Sentra 1.6. Welding new fenders on and installing new brakes on the car, just a little bit of everything. Since Sas was out of town, work went late into the night…

Since Sas came home very late Friday night we got a chance to enjoy a nice breakfast out (one of our favorite activities :-) ) Saturday morning. Then back to work on the trailer… Al had written a 1:20 run for Saturday, I decided to try our Monday night mountain bike loop, about 10.5 miles…

It was a great trail/road run!!!

Saturday night it poured, like 2-3″s of rain…. Coach Al and I had planned on a long mountain bike ride, I was a little worried.

We headed out around 10:30 hoping it would have drained a little by then, the sun was out and it was in the 60′S! Lots of water on the trails, little streams in fact! The good news was the trail was hard packed so we did not rut up the trail and there was really no mud, just lots of water!!! We did our Red loop around Gay City and headed up the hill to Case Mountain. Case is very rocky and lots of ups and downs! Al for the second week in a row stepped up to the challenge and rode with confidence and strength! There are some pretty gnarly rocky downhills in there!!!

It was great to see a bunch of other riders out enjoying the day!! We did come across some trail vandalism, I guess some group does not want us enjoying the public state park and continues to cut down trees to block the trail. Not sure I understand killing trees to stop mountain bikers! Within a couple of mins a bunch of riders had gathered and we made quick work of the 100 yards of blockage.. After some friendly directions from the other riders we found our way back over to Gay City Park.

By now we were 3 hours into our ride, I was getting a little tired and was hoping for nice downhill (mostly) ride home. I decided to try a new trail to us hoping it would save a little time. Oh well so much for that!!! It was a great trail and really challenged Al and I as we were pretty fatigued by that point. Needless to say it was not the shorter, nice downhill way home! We rode into my driveway right around the 4 hour mark. A great ride with a great friend!!!

Well that was my weekend, I hope all of you had a chance to get outside and enjoy life as I did!!! Till next time….

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  1. Al says:

    A great ride Tim, thanks for your trail “guidance,” even if it left me begging for your driveway! :0 Seriously, an awesome ride on an awesome day. Only to be outdone by Sas’s amazing post ride snacks! :)

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