My original Sentra 1.6 liter is back in the game for the Hillclimb!

“Project SE-R” has turned out to be a very complex rebuild. Unwilling to compromise safety for time, we have decided it better to dust off the 1.6 liter Sentra. Don’t worry (or better yet for those of you hillclimbing and racing NASA be very worried!) the “Project SE-R” will be finished at a later date and time!

It will be fun to bring the same car that I have raced so many times up the Auto Road, now Sas and I just need to get is ready for the event! The car has not been started in 4/5 years or so. I needed to swap out the gas tank and fuel pump as well as all fuel lines…

The brake system needed to be gone through and we decided to upgrade the front brakes to some Willwood 4 piston calipers. All fluids were drained and replaced and the exhaust has been cleaned up and tested. Yesterday we started her up, it was a great reunion and made me very happy to have the car running again. We still need to remove some old stickers and make way for the new ones. With any luck I will have it back on the road next week!!!

I do want to thank Bob Legere for his hugh effort to try and get the car ready for the hill!!

Next year buddy!!!

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