The little car that could and did…

The other day I was browsing around the internet and stumbled upon the results from the 2000 Climb to the Clouds.  I had a very good year on the Hill that year. I set my fastest time up the Hill with a 7:32 during the Saturday full hill practice run and I won my class on Sunday’s main event. What I had forgotten was how well the car did overall. To finish in the top 10 with a car that weights 2500lbs and maybe has 110 hp to the wheels is pretty cool!!

Over the last few weeks I have been pulling that car out of the moth balls and going through it for a back up car for the race. Believe it or not the car is now over 2o years old!!! I am also looking forward to driving it on the street again! With gas prices rising it still gets the best gas mileage in our fleet :-) .

Till next time…

2000 Mount Washington Hillclimb
“Climb to the Clouds”
Final Results
June 25, 2000

Results Courtesy of: John Buffum

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