A little R&R

This past week I traveled to Lake Clear in the Adirondacks for our annual early spring canoe paddle. I am very luck to be able to share such a wonderful and peaceful sport with my Dad. Each one of us paddles a “singles” canoe, each day we move around the park to enjoy the vast array of lakes and streams.

My life has been pretty busy lately with the rebuild of the car and of course my training. Although my plan was to train each day after our days paddle it really did not work out like that. Instead I enjoyed a few great days paddling with little else to worry about. We saw Loons, a Bald Eagle and few Osprey and were treated to flooding conditions that allowed us to paddle over many Beaver dams! Any of you who have had to carry your boat over a Beaver dam knows what I mean :-) .

Spending this time with my Dad is priceless and once again reminds me just how lucky I am!!!!

Here is a short clip from my GoPro camera I mounted on the side of the boat with the suction cup mount (I will be using the same mount for the outside of the car on Mt Washington).

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