I ran, I rode my bicycle, and I raced my car up Mt Ascutney :-)

Friday morning Sas and I loaded up with an eclectic mix of gear and headed for Mt Ascutney in Vt. We got there early and before we even set up camp, I changed into my run gear and up I went. It was overcast with some light showers. I have never run up anything as long or as steep as Mt Ascutney so I had  no idea how to really pace myself. I just went with the flow of the hill and with how I felt. As I wrote in my last post, the road ascends 2300′ in 3.7 miles on an entirely paved course. Average Grade 12%. Some sections in excess of 19%. The thing that makes this road tough is that the grade varies quite a bit. One minute you are suffering up a 19% grade then the next you are on a flat section or there is even a short downhill near the top. I kind of like settling into a pace and suffering, not very easy on this hill!! Here is my file from the run…

I was really looking forward to being back in my car for Saturday. We got in two runs before lunch and as we setup for runs after lunch the sky opened up and it poured for the next 3 hours, really poured!!!! They shut down for the day.

I was pretty surprised how quick my car felt! I had a real blast, slipping and sliding around on the wet road. I was also trying out my “Hans” device which will be required at Mt Washington. It was a bit of a pain to put on and take off but overall not too bad.

Here is some in car footage from Saturday’s run.

I am really having fun with my GoPro cameras!! Here is a roof cam shot of the same run.

After the rain stopped, it was an opportune time to jump on my bike and ride up the road.  Again, just like the run, the varied grade makes this much tougher than Mt Washington (in my opinion).

My bike time was pretty much the same as my run time!!! To the minute! Here is the garmin file and power tap file

Here is the Powertap file

I finished both on the same min! Crazy … and gives you an idea of how tough a climb it really is!! However, I think the tougher part of each was that I had to walk/run back down the 3.7 mile hill, once after the run, and then the next day with my bike in hand… that hurt a bit :-)

Sunday I was back in the car… I got one run in before I noticed I had blown my right front strut. With three good runs under my belt we called it a weekend and packed up our very wet campsite and headed home.

Here is some more footage from this weekend…

For more footage head over to my youtube page mathermotorports

Overall we had a great weekend! It was Sas’s first “racing” experience and a great reunion for me with a group I have raced with for many years. I was also very happy to be back in my race car!!!

So, I ran, I rode my bicycle, and I raced my car up Mt Ascutney, now that is a bumper sticker!!!

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