Bob burns the midnight oil to get the Sentra ready for the Hill!

Thanks for the amazing effort and craftsmanship Bob!!!

B13 front strut fabrication

I had to build these struts today to replace the blown out Leda struts in Tim Mather’s car. We couldn’t get the rebuild parts in time for the Mt. Washington hillclimb (from England), so I decided to do a quicky Koni (B15) yellow insert. But as it turns out, I only had one stock B13 housing and it was too small of an ID to fit the B15 inserts. So I said ‘screw it’ and just made them from scratch.

I used 2″ x .120″ wall tubing for the main bodies, and I used .250″ x 1.75″ steel for the mounting ears. I had an old Ground Control sleeve kit for my old ’72 Corolla just sitting around which I never used.

The materials:

The ID of the 2″ tubing was too big for the Koni inserts, so I made a sleeve that fits inside the tubing to take up the slack and make sure the strut it a proper snug fit inside the main tube. I used this tiny slip roller to form the sleeve from sheetmetal. I also welded them in place so they don’t slide around.

I made the bottom of the strut housing from a piece of the .250″ steel, and drilled the hole for the 14 mm lower attachment bolt. To keep the strut insert better aligned at the bottom of the strut tube, I decided to weld a piece of small tubing in place which the lower strut extension sits inside. Then I pressed the strut bottom into the strut housing, and welded it in place.

Mounting ears cut and drilled.

Then I fit the ears and the strut housing to an old hub/upright for proper alignment, and welded it together.

Finally the perches were welded in place, and the threaded collars test fitted. I still need to weld a tab on each strut housing for the brake hoses, and then I will powdercoat them and assemble them.

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