Busy, busy, lets get caught up…

After a great weekend at Mt Ascutney we spent the week afterwards drying out :-) and going over the race car. I need to replace the front suspension and install the sway bars before the Mt Washington event.

Memorial Day Weekend found Sas and I back up north to the family cottage. Our cottage is nestled in the heart of VT Gaps, so of course I was planning on bagging a few before the weekend was done. There is also a very nice route around the lake that can include a nice 1000′ climb up to Silver Lake.

Saturday was a very hot and humid day but I was determined to get out for a solid run! The fire road to Silver Lake is a bit under the halfway mark around the lake. My plan was to run the short way around, then up the fire road, then see how I felt for the return route. Everything was going to plan, the run up to Silver Lake was tough but manageable. It was shortly after I decided to take the long way around the lake, and at the bottom of the climb, that the wheels kind of fell off…  The heat and humidity were just a little too much, and yes, I probably pushed a little too hard going up the fire road… I ran/walked (the hills) back to the cottage.

The next day I headed out for my “Two Gap Ride.” The plan was to ride the Middlebury/Brandon loop “backward” — or, the tougher way.

As you can see from my Garmin files there was a little climbing involved! I had my Mt Washington bike with full mtb gearing so I had plenty of bailout gears. It was a nice ride with great views!!!

I finished the weekend off with a mtb ride and brick run with my buddy Rod back home.

Overall, a great weekend with Family and some training…

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One Response to Busy, busy, lets get caught up…

  1. steve Burington says:

    Hey brother,
    Looks like you’re having a great time getting ready for something big.
    I had some great memories at your mention of the family cottage.
    Keep up the focus. I look forward to talking with you soon.

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