Not done training yet….

As much of a relief it is to be done with the run, I still have a few more cycling events to train for in the upcoming months. With another perfect day forecasted, and some really sore legs, I headed over to the Great Glen Trails to put some time on my single speedĀ  bike on the 24 hour mountain bike course.

Not a bad back drop to train with…..

I could get used to this view!

I then needed to get my race car down to the Eagle Mountain House for display, so I packed the road bike into the race car and drove it down to the Hotel…. Then road back over Pinkham Notch to pick up my truck. A nice climb and ride!

This is not a bad view either — Tuckerman’s Ravine still has snow in it!!

Another great day in the Mt Washington Valley, and another day ended with sore legs!!

Tomorrow, fellow racers start showing up. Looking forward to reconnecting with some old friends and meeting some new ones!!

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One Response to Not done training yet….

  1. Deb Plant says:

    Tim–we toyed with the idea of coming up to see you race the Sentra again (just like OLD times). However, the soccer gods have other ideas. Ian’s team is playing Nordic in VT on Saturday at St. Mike’s, then they head further north to Ottawa, for a game on Sunday. We’ll be thinking of you. Good Luck, and have LOTS of fun!!!!!!

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