The Day is finally here!

This Saturday is the Mt Washington Road Race, the second event of my “Challenge.” This will most likely be the toughest! The Auto Road is 7.6 miles long with an average grade of 12%. The good news is there is only one hill on the course :-) !

I am very happy with where I am at today. I believe I have kept my life in balance, and I might not be racing at 100% fitness, but I sure am racing at 110% happiness! Who could ask for more than that?

So stay tuned to my updates, things are going to start happening pretty quick in the next few months, and around 10am Saturday think some good thoughts for me as I will be on the hill suffering :-) .

Thank you again for following and supporting me!

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2 Responses to The Day is finally here!

  1. Sas says:

    I am very proud of you, hun! And only too glad to be sharing the entire adventure with you …. so, let’s have some fun!!

  2. Al says:

    I agree with Sas, Tim! Very proud of you, and in awe of your past, present, and future accomplishments! Can’t wait to do the mtn bike race with you too! Have fun, be great, as you like to say! :)

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