The 12 Hours of Millstone VT

Well Sas and I have been enjoying a few weeks at home!! I have gotten in some solid road and mountain bike rides during that time as well. I am also continuing to run as part of my training….

The truck is pretty much packed and we are off to Websterville, VT for a 12 hour mountain bike race. I will be using the same bike I will use for the 24 hour mountain bike race in 2 weeks. It is a single speed bike I will be riding solo…

The 12 hour race is from 9am to 9pm, we need lights after 6:30pm…

My goal is not to ride straight for 12 or 24 hours but to just to challenge myself and my fitness and most of all have a great time and enjoy sharing another type of event with Sas.

With any luck we will be posting updates through out the race so stay tuned for my progress and think good thoughts for me :-)

I also wish Coach Al good luck with his mountain bike race this weekend. Al is doing the 101 mile Wilderess mountain bike race in PA. I would love to ride that far in my own race and maybe I will see if I can…

My other buddy Rod will be doing his own challenge of running all night in the 12 hour Around the Lake race

I am sure there will be many a story and tale to come at the end of the day Saturday :-)

Stay tuned!!!

















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