Wrapping up my Challenge…

Throughout this year folks have asked which part of the “Challenge” was my favorite. I would have to say hands down, sharing the adventure with my wife, Sas. For many of the events this was her first experience with them, and I truly enjoyed sharing them with her!!!

We both looked forward to heading back north for this last time, with everyone so excited and supportive of this effort. The crew at the Auto Road and Great Glen Trails are the best and they feel like old friends now! Our stay at the Eagle Mountain House was the best!!! The fellow competitors and supporters with whom we shared the events made it all worthwhile. Each event seemed to bring a new group of friends and new acquaintances with us, which made it that much more special!

The entire experience gave me the opportunity to learn to enjoy the process and each event, instead of just racing for time. I knew that this was to be a big challenge for me – being of a “Type A” personality! I believe I kept it all in perspective and truly enjoyed it all!!!

It was a lot of fun to experience some events with my family first hand, as these events really needed to be seen rather than to be heard about. I am so thankful for their great support and love!

I will have to say that the Climb to the Clouds Auto Hillclimb stands out! This was the event that first brought me to the Auto Road back in 1993. It was so great to see my long time racing buddies and their families!! This event also spanned 5 days and only had 60 competitors – which, as you can imagine, only breeds true camaraderie!!!! I came into this event with very low expectations, and right up until my final run up the hill, I was sure I would not even podium with all the other great racers in my class!!! And to win my class in the car I have raced 9 previous years with on the hill was … well, I am not even sure I can put it into words!!! It was the greatest and most meaningful event!!!!

Well that is about it! I hope you all enjoyed following my “Gravity Challenge” – it was just another great year of my life!!

Thanks for everyone’s support!!!!


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