A little info about me

Here is a little info about me:

My name is Tim Mather

I am a 45 year old IT Engineer in CT

From the late 80’s until 2003 I raced Sports Cars as a hobby. Starting with SCCA Solo II (autocrossing) and some local Time Trials at Lime Rock, I quickly moved into New England Hillclimbing with some ICE Time Trials and Rally Cross. During that time I also competed in a few Rallys and spent a year SCCA Road racing.

After my first year of Hillclimbing in New England (all pavement) I found out about the Mt Washington Hillclimb and the requirements needed to race it. My first year on the Auto Road was 1993. Back then the Auto Road had a lot more dirt than it does today!!! It was pretty amazing down in the paddock listening to all the first timers talk about how slow they would be going.

Since I had never been on the Auto Road, I arrived a few days early to check out the Road. I drove up the hill in the racecar (at the posted speed) and stopped to check out a good spot for my crew to take pictures during the race. While we were there, a young couple was arguing about who would finish the drive back down the hill, neither wanted to. They approached us and asked if I was dying of cancer. I informed them I was not, and asked why. Well … they wanted to know why I would race up that road unless I was going to die anyway…. Nice!

I had a great time that first year, very slow, but a fun time was had!!!

I spent the next 9 years coming to the Auto Road for the race. I collected a few podium spots along the way.

By 2003 I had burned myself out of the motor sports hobby and was looking for my next challenge. I took up a little mountain biking and bought a road bicycle that winter.

The following spring and summer I spent riding the road bike. I also found suffering up hills to intrigue me. We have a nice little hill in Meriden, CT I used to suffer on.

I also was exposed to my first Triathlon. As a kid I grew up around the water and played Soccer, so a sport that was swimming, biking, and running seemed to be right up my alley! I entered a Sprint Triathlon near the end of August and truly enjoyed the event. By October of that year I had hired a Triathlon Coach and set my new goal to complete an Ironman in the summer of 2006!

Through a friend of a friend, I found Al Lyman from Pursuit Fitness and hired him as my Triathlon Coach. I have been with Al ever since and is now a very close friend.

During the next two years I enjoyed some great success as an athlete:

  • I completed in a Duathlon and enjoyed a podium spot
  • I completed in two half Ironman Triathlon’s again enjoyed a podium spot
  • I won overall a local Sprint Triathlon
  • I ran my first marathon and qualified for the Boston Marathon
  • I continued to enjoy riding my mountain bike as well.

2006 allowed me to run in the Boston Marathon (a race every running should compete in!!!):

  • I also finished my first Ironman Triathlon.
  • Two days after my Ironman I enjoyed a great ride up the Whiteface Mtn Auto Road.
  • I spent the rest of the summer enjoying Mountain Bike Racing and got my first chance at riding the Mt Washington Auto Road. With the fitness I had built up from my Ironman training I was able to have a great ride up the hill and managed to finish under 1:20 to allow me to start with the “Top Notch” group in years to come.
  • I also got the chance to try 24 hour Mountain Bike racing.

I finished off the year enjoying and suffering through the New England Cyclocross series.

The next few years I struggled with some personal things in my life. My focus turned away from my athletics.  I was able to compete in the 24 Hours of Great Glen. The 24 hour mountain bike race at the Auto Road. I competed on a team as well as solo riding a single speed bike…

This brings me to the present. With my life in great balance and a wonderful wife, I was very happy to hear about the return of the “Climb to the Clouds” Auto HillClimb up Mt Washington.

For quite some time, I have wanted to compete in everything the Auto Road has to offer in a single calendar year, but without the “Climb to the Clouds,” this was not going to be possible. A fellow driver on the hill had competed in everything the Auto Road had to offer back in 2000, but now there are more events to do. With the addition of a second bicycle hillclimb, a 10k cross country ski race up the hill, a fun late season bike weekend with Cyclocross, a TT up the hill, and a Crit race, it was time to challenge the Auto Road.

I will use this blog to document the process of my training for the challenge as well as the resurrection of the Nissan Sentra that I used to race up the hill for 9 years.


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  1. Lynette says:

    Amazing, Tim-Bob! So proud of you! We’re rootin’ for you all the way!!!

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