Gait Lab Visit ( a must see! )

It’s funny how “most” folks I meet that run, just run. Over the years I have run but I also have done functional strength, track work outs etc, all to improve my running.

I guess you could call me an average runner. I have been lucky enough to qualify and run the Boston Marathon and have posted a few strong sub 5 hour half Ironman races. Yesterday’s visit to the Pursuit Athletic Performance Gait Lab opened a whole new world for improvement in my running.

I really enjoy finding weaknesses within myself!!! There is always room for improvement, and the opportunity to go faster and stay injury free!! The Gait Lab provides both. So as my title says, “If you are a runner a visit to Pursuit Athletic Performance is a must!!!!”

This is where some of it happens :-)

First Kurt Strecker, DC, CCSP gives a full-body biomechanical assessment of joint and muscle flexibility / strength  (I had a lot of issues here :-) )

Then a Functional Movement Screen  (I did a little better here)

Hip thrust is my new mantra, lucky Sas ;-)

And finally… running. Video analysis from multiple angles at various speeds

All clients will receive their video footage with analysis and recommendations for a stretching and strengthening program to increase flexibility and strength in specific areas of need.

A very informative consultation follows and now the real work begins. I am lucky to get this in so early in the season. My run up Mt Washington is in June, I will be stronger and faster!!!!

Stay tuned for more…..

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